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Our Crazy But True Story


In 2005, you know when the world seemed a little more sane, I came across a great sale at a local hobby store that had soap making kits on sale for half off. Ummm....that sounds like fun to make soap plus who doesn't love a good sale? So I bought it. Excited to get home and try this new adventure called soap making, I eagerly began.The kit came with a soap making book, some fragrances, colorants, herbs, molds and something shaped like a block that was labeled soap. I followed the instructions and was on my way to becoming a soap maker! Not so fast young lady! Unfortunately my very first soap bars were like bathing with a awesome looking brick! And eventually my herbs which laced some of the bars I made turned brown and look strangely enough like dying Chia Pets. I think many people would have ended it there, like I did with my candle making attempts..arrrgh!! But for some reason, I was intrigued although it did none of the stuff soap was suppose to do, you know like lather up. So I started doing a lot of research and found myself consumed with this new love. Each time my soap got better and better as I trained myself in new skills and knowledge of what some ingredients do vs. others. I loved it so much that my house was turning into a Keebler Mini Soap Factory without the elves. First I gave the soap away still not fully convinced that they were not just pretty looking bricks.Then I began selling them in a corner in my then Yoga Studio thinking this soap hobby is pretty cool. More and more people started buying the soaps and even returning for more to buy for their family members and friends! Then I moved beyond just making soap to making bath bombs, body creams, saponified soaps and more! I was in my own little Utopia! Eventually I closed the yoga studio and heard a voice say loud and clear, "Now you can take your soap making serious!" Ok that could have been my daughter in the background, but the point is we did it and a year later in May of 2016 Sunrise Artisan was born! That folks is our story and I am sticking to it...Stay tuned though because it doesn't end there!

2012 Soap Section in our Yoga Studio

2016 Sunrise Brick & Mortar is born

Grand Opening

2017 We are growing

2019 to Present Day and now we put the "Sun" in Sunrise!


Stay Tuned.....