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Sunrise Artisan Bath And Body

White Sage and Chakra Rose Petals Smudge Sticks

$9.95 USD

We have just added White Sage with Chakra Rose Petals Smudge Sticks to our collection. These smudge sticks are perfect for use in your spiritual practice and energy cleansing. Each stick is meticulously hand-wrapped with white sage and multi colored rose petals, ensuring the highest quality of product. Light one up to clear the energy of your space and fill it with positive vibrations. 

Cleansing Guide: Start with an open heart and mind with the intention to receive blessings that will cleanse you and your space. Open all the windows and doors in your home to allow air to circulate and negative energy to escape. Light one end of the sage stick, burn for a few seconds, and then gently blow it out to release a small trail of smoke.  Circulate around your home, re-lighting and fanning as needed. You may pray or recite positive affirmations as you work through your space. When finished, extinguish the flame and place the smudge stick on a glass dish or a clay smudge bowl. Burn as often as you feel a desire to create calmness, purity, and balance.